Box Stretch Wrapping Machine is used for stretch film wrapping around the box or a carton. It is available at most competitive in rates and can custom configured. These machines assist in reduction of labor by automating the process of attaching, detaching and pressing the film. For the product to be wrapped, the operator simply places the item on a turn-table and switches the machine to operate. All models of the stretch wrapping machine have been designed and developed with economy, efficiency and safety as concerns.

Turn Table Diameter :

750 mm

Maximum Load Weight : 80 Kgs
Maximum Packing Size : 600 x 600 x 450 mm
Machine Dimensions : 1350 x 675 x 750 mm
Power : 1 HP, 220V, Single Phase
Stretch Capacity : 200% to 250%
Machine Body : MS Powder Coated
Speed : Variable
Machine Weight : 170 kgs
Film Material
(Machine Grade)
: LDPE Stretch Film (Machine Grade)
Maximum Film Width : 500 mm