Fully Automatic Strapping Machine



  • Automatic packaging machine.
  • Automatic error correction
  • Automatic reset
  • Low cost, Easy to operate.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Fully automatic strapping machine.
  • Moveable ArchBandway design: it is a speedy, stable and low noisy design.
  • Standard Arch Size: W 600 x H 400 mm.
  • Electronic Tension.
  • Sealing Method: Heat Sealing, Instantaneous Heating.
  • Strap Cycle Speed: 33 straps/minute (60Hz), 30 straps/minute (50Hz)
  • Strap Tension: Adjustable from 30 to 300 N(5-6mm); Adjustable from 100 to 700 N(9-15mm).
  • Suitable for: Polypropylene straps.
  • Strap Width: 5-6; 9-15 mm.
  • Strap Thickness: 0.35-0.75 mm
  • Core Inner Dia: 200/230/280 mm.
  • With check buzzer when PP strap consumption.
  • Feeding with automatic error correction and automatic reset.
  • Jam Free function: Auto strap loops ejecting design to correct strapping problem.
  • Monolithic Integrated Circuit Control.
  • Motor reduction device directly without transmit through shaft or belt.
  • External Temperature Adjustable Knob and Cooling Time Adjustable Knob on Control Panel
  • Compact design of dispenser: it is equipped inside of the cabinet.
  • Power Supply: 100/110/220/230/240V 50/60Hz 1Ph.
  • Total Power Input: 0.4KVA
  • Dimensions: L 860 x W 550 x H 1280 mm


The strapping machines use PP tape as its packing materials, mainly for business, post, railway, banking, food, medicine, books issued industries to pack cartons, wooden crates, paper bag, intertexture boxes, house appliance, hardware, electronic units, foodstuff, cloth bag etc.. The machine can automatically finish the whole process.