Shrink packaging is one of more advanced packaging methods in the current international market. Adopting this method makes the appearance of goods artistic. The Heat Shrinking Machine is suitable for a variety of different shapes of commodity packaging. Compared with the using of other packaging methods, shrink packaging is low cost. Because of its beautiful appearance has creased product shelf display effect and sense of the value. At the same time after shrink packaging products can be sealed, moisture proof, pollution prevention, and have good cushion that can reduce the damage of external shocks on products, especially packaging containers to prevent vessels flying when broken. In addition, you can reduce the possibility that goods are removed and stolen. Professional machines for PE shrink. Shrink packaging materials can also be used of PVC / POF / PP materials, efficient shrink wrap. This equipment is suitable for cans, glass bottles, beer, mineral water and other products of the bundle packaging, It is commonly used for sealing and shrinking packaging various products, such as general foods,Beverage,Pharmaceutical, electronic products, stationery, gift boxed, daily appliance, medicine, salted products, hardware, tools, bamboo and wood productsstationery, printing products, plastic products, glass products, electronic components and other products of single, aggregated or combined packaging.


1. Efficient hot air circulation in the oven combined with uniform temperature distribution provides fast shrinking performance;
2. Feed conveyor driven by a variable speed motor for convenient speed adjustment;
3. Fully shrinking is quickly accomplished in only three seconds;
4. Feed speed may be adjusted to up to 10 meter per minute;
5. Fast warm-up permits for operation ready status in only 10 minutes;
6.Both the height of tunnel and shutters on two sides are adjustable.

Voltage : 230v/380v (3Ph)
Power : 8Kw
Conveyor Loading : 15kg
Heating furnace size (mm) : 800x450x250
Dimension (mm) : 1200x610x1240
Sealing Speed (m/min) : 0-10
Weight (Kgs) : 90