We are a group of doctors, scientists and other professionals from different parts of the world, working together very passionately with all great minds to help pediatric cancer patients from financially backward families.

We commit ourselves to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment options to the financially backward pediatric patients, from any part of the world. 

We are trying to make this possible by networking a large "Panel of Expert Oncologists" from world’s "Best Cancer Hospitals" around the globe, who will voluntarily provide consultations for poor pediatric cancer patients compltely free of cost.

We are also networking authentic "Diagnostic Centers" and research groups to accurately diagnose the disease, with great emphasis on "Molecular Diagnosis". After the diagnosis, the most appropriate treatment options will be advised by a panel of doctors including the local physician. Based on their recommendations, we try to support the patients with the help of you all. We will not influence on the decision of the parent or primary doctor on the place of treatment. 

In effect, we are trying to create a web based `Pediatric Cancer Support Group’ by networking the best doctors, diagnostic experts and sponsors from different parts of the world to help a poor, cancer affected child. 

Through this platform, we will be able to arrange expert consultations of an oncologist from places like Harvard Medical School or MD Anderson or Sloan-Kettering for a child suffering in a remote village of India or any other country where we have a coordinator, volunteer and support group.

If we work together..sure...We can make this happen...!

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