De Stoner

Sampack De stoner Multi grain cleaning Machines consist of destoner and aspirator with grader. It has been designed to remove stones, unwanted dust and broken grains from all kinds of granules, grains, millets, pulses (dhal), pepper, rice, paddy, corn, sesame, mustard, millet etc. All kinds of grains can be cleaned in this machine by regulating air inflow adjustment in the destoner and the grader sieve be changed according to the grain size..


Dust cleaning, Stone removing, Grading, etc.

Machine Friendly Items

Rice, Pulses, Seeds, Cereals, etc.


1 Year onsite warranty will be provided. 100% round the clock technical support shall be provided.

Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support, oncall support & onsite support will be offered.

We have different capacities of grain cleaning machine, capacity from , 250 kg per hour 500 Kg per hour, 1000kg per hour 2,000 kg per hour and 3,000 Kg per hour. Ragi (Finger Millet)