Heavy Duty Sealing Machine

Band sealer is a new model of automatic plastic film sealing machine, which integrates color printing, sealing, continuous transmission of products, with clean and bright pattern on the sealing part, color selectable, instant printing and instant dry, and convenient to change the characters.


Conveyor sealing machine

Machine Friendly Items

50micron above inner laminated bags & pouches


1 Year onsite warranty will be provided. 100% round the clock technical support shall be provided.

Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support, oncall support & onsite support will be offered.

Product Description
Sealing machine is suitable for plastic film sealing, bagging, can be widely used in food, medicine, chemicals, daily, seed and other industries.
As the machine uses electronic thermostat control and step less speed transmission mechanism, can be sealed a variety of different materials, plastic bags, because the machine is small, widely used, sealing length is not restricted, so with a variety of packaging lines use.
As the machine electrical control is simple, reasonable and refined mechanical transmission, which is very stable structural performance, low failure rate, and longer service life. Products after the sealing of the machine packaging, with a beautiful appearance, clean, dust, moisture, anti-damage, easy to transport and storage...


Automation Grade : Automatic
Voltage : 220-240V
Operational Mode : Horizontal
Packaging Type : Pouche
Brand : Sampack
Capacity : 15- 10 kg
Frequency : 50-60 Hz
Phase : Single Phase
Power Source : Electric