Horizontal Band Selaer - Nitrogen Flushing

Continuous Band Sealer with Nitrogen flushing arrangement for Agri and Food industries. The presence of oxygen introduces moisture which can deteriorate the food quality in the sealed pouches.

Nitrogen flushing is a Preservation method used to protect packaged foods such as wafers, spices, coffee beans, nuts, rice cakes, snack crackers and chips.

Mechanism is to flush pouches with Nitrogen gas which will push out the air from and fill them with Nitrogen before the belt seals pouches giving air free seal.

A pre-filled pouched are entered manually in to the moving continuous gripper belt assembly such that the nozzle of the nitrogen flushing tube is inside the pouch. The air will be pulled out due to the heavy nitrogen gas and the gripper belts will immediate hold the pouches without allowing the gas to escape. Air tight sealing is achieved by heat conducted through Teflon coated gripper belts.

The hot Gripper belts carry the pouch and cause localizes melting of pouch material when passed through the heated section. Perfect sealing is achieved by metallic and rubber pressure rollers. The pouch carrying conveyor and gripper belts are driven by common drive resulting in synchronous movements of pouches thus resulting in a smooth sealing.

Speed can be controlled and monitored by the variable frequency drive to help proper sealing. They are quite easy to operate and highly demanded for their robust construction, consistency and long lasting nature.


Conveyor sealing system

Machine friendly Items

Above 50microns inner laminated bags will be sealed


1 Year onsite warranty will be provided. 100% round the clock technical support shall be provided.

Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support, video call support & onsite support will be offered.


Material : Plastic
Automation Grade : Semi-Automatic
Voltage  : 230V
Operational Mode  : Horizontal
Frequency  : 50-60Hz
Usage/Application  : Nitrogen flushing
Production Capacity : 10 pouch per min
Sealing width : 5 -8 mm
Pouch height : 280mm
Temperature range  : 0-300 Degrees