Pappad Packing Machine

High efficiency-packing, steady performance, convenient operation and maintenance, low-rate fault. Can continuously work for a long time. Sealing is very good and packing is also very handsome. Can be synchronous printing production date, inflatable, three-dimensional angular, wearing a hanging hole and other equipment. Can be equipped with material-shift detection.


Machine is used to wrap and seal the product

Machine Friendly Items

Biscuits, Cream wafers, Cakes, Instant Noodles, Scotch Brush, Napkin, Baby Diapers, Meat Tray etc.


1 Year onsite warranty will be provided. 100% round the clock technical support shall be provided.

Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support, oncall support & onsite support will be offered.


Film Width : Max 320mm
Bag Length : 65-190, 120-280/90-220mm,150-330mm
Bag Width : 50-160mm
Product height : Max 45mm/Max 60mm
Film Roll Diameter : Max 320mm
Packing Speed : 40-230 bag/min 
Voltage  : 220V 
Machine Size  3770*720*1450mm
Machine Quality  900 Kg